Saturday, November 12, 2011

Average Day

Dear Readers,

Yesterday was the first day of school back from Eid vacation. Everyone still had some energy left over from the holiday, and Emma and I were excited to see each other again. In fact, after saying "good morning" and our usual hellos, and going through our usual routine: I go to get water, we go to the bathroom together, but instead end up talking and forget to even use the stalls, and back to 1st period, we had to stop, and give each other a hug!
I spend every minute of my school day with that girl. I feel like she's my designated twin this year. 

We have all the symptoms of being twins:
People mix up our names,
We are both the only 2 students with white skin and light hair, 
We sit next to each other in class,
People think we live together and are sisters

There you go!

Moving on, the day went quite well. We laughed a lot, and learned a little. But mostly laughed. But the highlight of the day?

Ribbon Dancing. All the way.

For gym class today we danced with ribbons. I can not express to you the excitement Emma possesed all morning, in anticipation for the ribbon dancing. Unfortunately there was no music. But that didn't stop Emma from having a good time. :)

I've another wedding to go to!  So I will write again later.

Thanks for reading!

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