Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving at the Ambassador's House

Dear Readers,

Tonight we had a formal but fun Thanksgiving dinner, hosted by the Ambassador himself, Dr. Richard J. Schmierer. It was hosted outside, in the backyard, with white round tables and a buffet style food service.
Here are the pictures I took:

It was a great evening. Not only did I get to see Noah, Bailey, Emma, and Jaira and their host families, but also the alumni who went to America last year! We were also joined by people from AmidEast, our school principals, and the fun-to-talk-to workers from the Embassy as well.

Now don't worry, it wasn't stuck up and fancy shmancy, but more so a relaxed get together, that brought everyone in this program together for a warm and welcoming rendez-vous. I got to talk with the Omani alumni, who had stories to tell of their experiences in the States, which was really cool to hear. I even heard some new stories from Haya and Hadeel, two girls I go to school with! (They both went on exchange to America last year, and have been very sweet with helping Emma and I adjust to our new school).

Here is a picture of the five of us Americans together: I wish I had a picture with the whole group, with the other alumni! I'll post one tomorrow if I can.

Note to Emma: Sorry about this picture :}

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