Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TV Shows: 1 day and 14 hours Left

Dear Readers,

Just got my first "freak out moment" about leaving. I said goodbye to just about all my family and friends today. I feel like I'm leaving for College ahead of everyone else.

 It's 11 pm and I need to go to bed but I just want to veg out and watch old Nickelodeon Cartoons.

My favorite is most definitely Hey Arnold. If you haven't watched it, I suggest you do. It'll make you lol for realz. Also, I think its important to mention that Helga (in the picture) had a big influence in my life. :) She taught me how to be a tomboy.

P.S. Did anyone know there was an anime Hey Arnold??

Anyways, Conan just came on, and he's too funny to ignore. For example, here's a video from an interview Conan had with Anne Hathaway. It may disturb you :}

Thanks for reading!

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