Monday, August 22, 2011

Texas Trip! 9 Days Until Departure

Dear Readers,
There are 9 days, 14 hours until I leave for Oman. I'm sitting in my hotel room in San Antonio, Texas watching theEDshow. It's too bad ED is so unpleasant looking. Otherwise I might take him more seriously.

Today was fun. My mother and I left Wilkes-Barre Scranton (the Office) Airport around noon. The purpose of our trip is simply to spend time together. My mother is a traveling consultant with lots of frequent flier miles. Because our flight was delayed there was a possibility we would be shipped to Chicago and have to spend the night.  ChicagoQuick fact: The population of Oman is equivalent to Chicago's. About 3 million. Unfortunately our flight was on time, a rare occasion irritatingly reserved for an inopportune time.

I made use of my flight by reading a "Guide to the The Presidential Election". Though, because it was written by the LWV (Some sort of government funded union), half of it is trying to tell me not to pay attention to the news. How am I supposed to get any info. on the candidates without the mass media, which they put the majority of their funding into? I suppose their argument has some reason in it. Most of what's on news broadcasts such as theEdshow is a whole bunch of Hoopla. But I still want some perspective.

We made it to Charlotte, NC, running to our connecting flight. The wheels on my carry-on were so loud on the walkways however, I must've awaken every poor soul sleeping on the floor of the airport waiting for their flights. Note to self- don't take the stentorian carry-on to Oman.

So we made it to Texas, got in a cab, listened to the Cabi talk about how he would fix the whole the recession himself by combining branches of the military, and walked around downtown drenched in 103 degree boiled sweat, looking for Sushi-Zushi. Found Sushi-Zushi. Ordered the TunaTower. Ate caviar! Ate wasabi. Downed three cups of water.

Thanks for reading! :)

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