Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake Day!!

Dear Readers,

I am from the East Coast, so you may understand why earthquakes seem foreign to the majority of its citizens. After spending my morning walking around the Alamo and shopping for long skirts for Oman, I came back to the hotel to be bombarded with calls from home. After talking to my step-mom on the phone, I called my brother who is also at home to hear what the conditions were at our house.

"Ben, Ben! How is the house?"

"Hey what's up."

"Ben, is the house okay??"


"Is the house okay?"

"Mumble Mumble"



"There was an EARTHQUAKE."

"Is THAT what that was?!?"

"Yes! Did you check on the house??"

"I thought there was a robber er something so I ran downstairs..."

"Ben check on the house and text Mom and I back."

"..........I'm on my way to work."

Patience is a virtue, but so is one's heed!


  1. HAHAHAHA...too funny. I can hear that conversation in my mind! Everything is ok up on the hill...let me know if you want me to swing by your house!

  2. Thanks!..Victoria? (My step-mom) Nah, I think the house is fine actually ;) Or I least I hope it is.

  3. haha i definitely gave you that "never forget" pic you should give me credit!

  4. I here now bestow credit upon Mr. Logan Smith.