Saturday, August 20, 2011

First Post: Saturday Morning

It is 11:00 am on Saturday, August 20th, and there are 11 days and 13 hours left before I leave my Hometown for 10 months and go to Oman. Oman is a Middle Eastern country bordering Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and the U.A.E.. At the moment I'm Skyping with my friend Logan, who's going to Ghana in the same program. He's a little loopy since he just got his wisdom teeth out. Lowgee thinks his cheeks are abnormally large, so to make him feel better I complained about my own. Then he got mad and stuck his stuffed animal that looks like a lion into the camera for a good 5 minutes. Perhaps it would be funny to tell my host family this is how average american teens normally talk.

In a few minutes I'll be heading upstairs to start packing for Oman. Because the Airlines decided they hate their customers even more than before, we can no longer bring two checked luggages for free. The second one is a whopping $70.

 We'll see what happens.

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