Friday, September 23, 2011

Cute Moments

Dear Readers,

Today was Friday, the last day of my weekend. Not much took place, except my host sister and I baked cupcakes, while she ornately decorated them.

In the midst of it my little host brother popped in. Because he is younger, he doesn't like to use his english, so he'll ask my sister something about me, Quin (or sometimes "Coon"), while I try to decipher what he wants to ask. Or he'll ask what a certain word means in English, so maybe he can ask me his question.

On this occasion he asked my host sister a question, and she hesitated. Then he asked her what the word for "Heaven" was.

Now as I listened, I figured out that he was asking my host sister:      "Is Quin going to heaven?"

My innate thought was, "Yes, of course - I'm Christian."

I was raised, after all, a christian brought up believing in this: That all who believe Jesus was the son of God and died for our sins would receive eternal life.

It is the typical scene I grew up watching, only a Christian was the little boy, and an atheist was the person!

But this is the little boy being a Muslim, and the person being a Christian.

My host sister gave an ambiguous answer: that "everyone goes to heaven". But I know as well as her that that's not what we were taught.

I think ......... this search for God has been never ending.

All we can do now is love each other like brothers/sisters,
teach each other like piers,
and pray for each other like equals.

Because that is what we all are, after all. ;)

In the end, this moment will remain in my heart as a reminder of life's meaning. I thought you guys might like it ;)

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