Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 3 With Host Family - First Day of School

Dear Readers,

Today was packed with new, new new. I started school today. Emma and I are going to Al Ibdaa International Private School. Noah, Jaira, and Bailey are going to Azzan Bin Qais. My school colors are green and white. I love my uniform but it was so, so hot. The uniform consists of leggings, a white dress shirt, and a fitted green dress. The leggings are important because they soak in your sweat instead of you dress soaking it in. After sitting in a room with 20 kindergarteners (orientation) I met my class mates.

They are a riot. If you are reading, girls, I love you all ;)

What did I learn today? : A few Arabic words, that Omanis LOVE chocolate...and all junk food :), and the mall is the social center of the world here.

Cool news: I met the US Ambassador today. :) ooooh yeah. All 5 of us (the Americans) went to the United States Embassy here in Oman. Every country has a group of Embassy's belonging to other countries they have relations with. It was very cool. We were told about our safety here in Oman. To keep it short: Oman is safer than even the US.

 Its in the stats.

I spent time with family today. It was really nice. I'm in the middle of the process of teaching my host brother how to solve the rubix cube. It might take a while, but this kid is pretty bright for his age :).

Well, I'm tired. Night!

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