Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What Omanis are Like:

Dear Readers,

So far on this trip I've noticed that Omanis love to travel, and most of them have traveled to Europe at least once or twice in their lives. In America kids at school share the number of states they've been to. Florida, California, New York, etc.. But if your neighbor a block away is Europe, all the school kids will be talking about going to England, France, Switzerland, Barcelona,....But mainly England. EVERYONE here has gone to England. My oldest host sister is going to England this Friday with her husband and baby girl to study for her masters or something.

These people who live in the desert they're whole lives are constantly drawn to the cold.

I however, grew up in Pennsylvania USA. Where winter is 3 months too long. Although I definitely wouldn't turn down any trip to Switzerland or England, I think I soak up the sun here for a couple months.

 <-------Omani flag with the English flag

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