Thursday, September 15, 2011

Saturday Night in U.S. = Thursday Night in Oman

Dear Readers,

The weekend here is on Thursday and Friday. And this Thursday was fun.

After a day of shopping in the mall, which has all the high-end fancy stores you would expect in an airport, or big city, Juuj (my host sis) and I went to a friends house for a girls night.

It was my first Omani girls night, and it was awesome. After we all met up at M's house, we hung out until we decided we needed junk food, and a movie. Because the sun was setting, and the temperature turned low, we got to walk to the store. This was cool for me because I can't remember walking outside in Oman before this. :) Walking in a neighborhood in Oman is not like it is in America. There aren't any yards, and if they are, they're gated. All the houses are white or beige stone, and the ground is either the same color stone, or sandy dust. There aren't any sidewalks, but plenty of kids riding bikes, and people walking.

These girls were hilarious. We made a bit of a scene in the grocery store picking out a movie. When we got back to M's, we started to watch the movie I picked out, Morning Glory. They decided they wanted to change to Disturbia. (It seems most Omanis LOVE horror films)

After the ambivalence of movie decisions, we watched Hide and Seek, which I screamed at the whole night. It was awesomely scary.

But I think the highlight of the night was probably when M showed us the Neon Kitty video on Youtube. I don't know how I've never seen it before, but I'm glad I have now. :) Juuj and I cried laughing through the entire thing.

Just watch it and you'll understand:
Or don't watch, and save yourself a headache :)

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