Monday, October 3, 2011

Boot Camp on the Beach

Dear Readers,

Today I get to join the "Boot Camp" on the Beach exercise program. Thanks to Amideast! ;) This is going to be fun....hopefully. Boot Camp is basically an exercise group for foreigners in Oman. "Boot Camp" is a loose name though. Thankfully! Exercising in the hot sun makes the whole experience MUCH harder. But the fun part is I will be with other people foreign to Oman.

 I'm getting picked up by a friend in an hour, but before I do anything, I promised my host brothers that if they ate the skin of their apples (the healthy part of an apple) I would play soccer with them.

So I guess I get a double work out today. Wish me luck with boot camp!

P.S. : Readers, check in later tonight, or tomorrow. I should have pictures of the beach by then. Boo yahh

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