Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lightning Storm

Dear Readers,

Today was an eventful day full of arabic class and lightening storms.

As Emma and I sat in the library trying to figure out what Ms. S was trying to say to us, a soft "bang" occurred.

"It couldn't be." I said

"It has to be!!" Emma started to freak out.

Because it only rains once or twice a year in Oman, we were dumbly hopeful.

"Ms. S!! What is that sound???!" Emma then went on to try to ask Ms. S if it was raining.
She apparently didn't care, and was more interested in teaching us the word for rooster  (which we thought was hilarious because she repeatedly chanted : Deek. Deek, deek!!) You should realize, the arabic version sounds a lot like a certain icky word in english.

Eventually Ms.S gave us a ten minute break to stick our heads out the window and watch the ominous lightening from the tall Omani mountains. As we stuck our heads out the window, we heard the kids outside screaming every time it thundered.

Bang! "Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!!"

Lightening visual: "Eeeeeehhhh" coupled with "AAAAAaaaahhh!!!"

We got a pretty good kick out of this, and Emma was just about to join the little kids in screaming.

Eventually Ms.S went to the bathroom and must've gotten lost in there because a good half hour went by. To say the least, today has been a pretty good day. With the exception that it DIDN'T rain.

Oh well. Welcome to Oman. ;)

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