Thursday, October 6, 2011

First Omani Party

Dear Readers,

Last night I went to my first Omani Birthday party. It was SO much fun. We arrived an hour and a half late, and were the first ones there. "Welcome to Oman" - That's the phrase I hear when I'm told something is "the norm" here. After about 5 minutes groups of girls in abayas arrived. And let me tell you, it was the strangest thing to see these black abayas transform into smoking hot ladies in short dresses and made up hair. It made total sense though! Of course you would want to cover yourself up when you look that pretty. ;)

 As the evening rolled along we started to dance.

 We danced all night. Mostly to the beat of American music. Pitbull, LMAFO, Shakira, and every other dirty dancing artist you can think of, we danced to. These girls were so much fun, and even taught me how to "properly" shake my hips. You can imagine the excitement that arose when the belly dancing skirts came out. Happily almost every girl got a chance to wear it. Even Emma and I. : D They said I was doing okay while I was trying to copy their moves, but I bet they were simply enjoying the comedy of the silly American girl trying to move her hips. Either way I didn't care how I looked, I was just having a ton of fun! (probably just as much fun as the little boys - who were supposed to be in their rooms- had watching us shake our hips) Naughty boys ;)

We may not have raised the roof last night, but we certainly broke the floor! In the middle of the living room, we managed to create a hole as big as a chair. It was hilarious, but what made it even better was the safety precautions the set forth. To prevent anyone from falling down into the basement, we used everyone's multicolored high heels to cage the hole, and create a "shoe fence". The rest of the night we danced around the hole like Indians around a fire. If you get too close - you'll get burned. In our case you'd lose your foot. ;)

The music was poppin, the food was delicious, and evening was just plain great.
 I hope to do it again!

 Happy Sweet Sixteen Juwana!

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