Sunday, October 30, 2011

Laughing With Emma

Dear Readers,

Today was a normal day, wonderfully so. Today for the first time I felt completely assimilated in my school. Today, I knew what classes I had. I didn't have to ask. I actually knew which teacher would walk into the room next.
(That's right, here the students stay in the classroom and the teachers move from room to room.) Some think its a way of controlling the kids. I say it makes them more comfortable with throwing pens at the fans and watching the ink explode onto everyone's desk. :) - Its been done in the past, I've heard stories.

Today I chatted with Emma, just like every other day before. The things we talk about can get really nerdy and plain, like: "What college are you applying for?"

Our conversations get dry when we talk about American History, and whether this or that is right.
"The Gold Rush was so NOT the reason for expansion in the U.S.!" -Emma's thoughts

But our conversations are never dry, when we:

  •  Try to correct the english teacher's grammar. (We usually can't figure out how to fix his sentences either, but chip away at it like a game :)  Try correcting this one: "We are the person today because of history." It seems right at first, but you have to think hard!
  •  Try to understand that "Fuuct" means "function" in math class.
  • Settle on the conclusion that "Maths" is OKAY to write on the cover of your math book, because mathematics is plural anyways.
  • Write down the conversations we have with Mr. Sir Math
  •  Give our teachers names like Mr. Sir Math, Mr. Sir Physics, Miss Media, etc. because we can't figure out what they're real names are. (And the students just say "Sir!" anyways)

I could go on and on.

Today was a fun day. I don't know why, but we were all just really silly.
Emma and I were having a conversation on German Youth Exchanges. Here's how it went:

Me:  "So, can you do YES Abroad in Oman, and then a German one? I'm really interested."

Emma: "Uhh, Yeah! Yea, Julianne did that I think. She uh, came here actually last year, and now she's in Germany. Like, right now she's in Germany."

Me: "Ooooohhhh cool! That's awesome. Wait........................(long pause)..(I blink at Emma)....awesome, what country is she in?"

Emma: "She's in Germany."

Me: (I look at Emma)....(Then a face of embarrassed humor comes to me).

Emma: (Blank stare of astonishment)

Me and Emma: "Bahahahahahahahahah!!!"

Well I guess you would have to be there. Though, hence the name: "Laughing With Emma"


  1. Well, hair is growing continuously.


  2. bahaha! Oh emmsss. We've gotta make a blog post of especially those random quotes!