Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Middle East Class at AmidEast

Dear Readers,

I haven't had internet for about a week, which explains why my posts have been cut so short.
From hearing about other YESabroader's lack of interent, I've officially decided that going without the interet is an inevitable feat I'm just going to have to accept. >:( Angrily.

I'm typing to you from the AmidEast office. Thankfully they provide internet to students. I'm a leftover from our arabic class. A.K.A. I'm the last one left and "insh'alla" (god willing) I'll get a ride home. ;)

We all met up at AmidEast for our MiddleEastern history class. Today we had a debate. This was cool.

We are currently learning about how Media portrays different sides of a story, but fails to deliver a true sense of what is really happening within politics. Today's debate focussed on Syria's President Bashar Assad. Its really interesting to see how news stations can so easily pin Bashar as the bad guy by taking statements out of his benign speech, and using them against him. In one example, a British News Station took statements out of Bashar's Public Address and made him sound completely different from what he implied within the surrounding context. (We read the full speech beforehand)
They used his words out of context. Many people do have valid reasons for calling him a dictator, but the way the media has tried to make their case has shown to be invalid.

Obviously this was a great topic to have a debate on. I bet you're rolling up thoughts in your head already, about how wrong I am on one aspect, and right in the other.

Either way it was a good discussion.

The video below is the one we watched in class. If you were to read the President's speech and then watch this, you'll find some of Assad's words were taken out of context.

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