Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Dear Readers,

I couldn't have had a more unpredictable Christmas Eve. After asking 2 people what time I should be at the Church for christmas, I was sure the service would begin at 7:30. I texted Bailey, and told her to meet me there. Tonight I got ready, dressed up for the occasion in a nice Christmas outfit, and even allowed my host sister to apply my red lipstick. ;)

After being all dolled up, I was psyched for church. I LOVE church. Especially on Christmas! After my brother-in-law dropped me off, immediately I knew I was told the wrong time. There was Bailey on one of the Church doorsteps.

"Hey, Girl!" I called

"Hey, so theres a service going on next door, but it looks like its already started a while ago." (We were a half hour early.)

We found a Greek pastor, and he told us his next service wouldn't be till nine. It was 7:30.
So Bailey and I went over to the Church next door. There was a line for communion. We put our stuff down on some seats, silently greeted out pew neighbors, and got in line.

That's one thing I love about Church. It doesn't matter how late you are, people are glad you came.

We took communion, and then were privileged enough to sing some christmas songs. We lit candles, and it was beautiful. But we came so late it finished in 20 minutes!

After we left we walked around the Church grounds, looking to see if the Catholic Church, or Greek Church had masses/services sometime soon. We were out of luck.

"We should just go out to eat." Laughed Bailey.

(Sigh) "I'm okay with that."

We walked over to Bailey's car and told her driver in terrible arabic that we wanted to go to Darcy's kitchen, the British restaurant with awesome pancakes and waitresses that speak English.

It was an adventure finding it, but sure enough we got there. It was a nice night. :) Me and Bailey!

We talked all night, about exchange kid stuff. Ya know, the usual: politics, the upcoming election, government, religion (Muslim and Christianity), other students, other students' host countries, and our own personal stories.

I was content. But I do miss my Christmas back home. Not only do I miss my Church and fam fam, but all the charity work done around Christmas! There are so many opportunities to give back to the community. I can't wait to go caroling again next year, and to work in the soup kitchen!!!

Well, my wonderful mother sent me a package of presents, and there is one gift marked for Christmas Eve. :D I think I'll go open that now!

Here are a few pictures of my host sister's marvelous Christmas Cupcakes I ordered for out celebration tomorrow: Aren't they adorable!?!

P.S. This was posted at 11:11! Isn't that lucky!?? Merry Christmas everyone!!

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