Friday, December 16, 2011

Sweet Weekend

Dear Readers,

I had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. On Wednesday my Host Mom and my Host Sister (with her adorable little 1-year-old) came home! We all drove to the airport, packing our family into 2 cars to meet them there. My little brothers yelled with joy when they saw my host Mom. We all said hello and hugged each other. Everyone flitted around my little niece, who just might be the cutest baby in the world. We went to McDonalds to get dinner. The Drive-through took about 35 mins, tainting the name: "fast food".

When we got home everyone sat in the living room sharing stories and talking about the cold weather in England, which is where they had just flown in from. My host Mom showed me videos of the rain and hail. It made me NOT miss the weather of Pennsylvania.

To top the evening off, as we sat in the living room, my host mom and older sister unloaded their luggages to shower us with gifts!! We all got some really cool souvenirs!!

Here are some:

I know, those slippers are hot, and my Host Family spoils me :)

The rest of my weekend was just spent hanging out.  Having the whole family together feels so nice. It really does feel like Christmas.

In FACT, us Americans have a whole plan for Christmas. After Church on Christmas Eve, we'll spend Christmas Day at AmidEast, watching movies and exchanging gifts. (We're doing a Secret Santa Exchange)

I even ordered some cupcakes from my Host Sister's Cupcake business. :D

Half of her presents -from my older Host Sister who just came home, were decorations, tools, and fondant. Oooooooooo.
I've been really excited to see my Host Sister work with fondant, because with her skills I knew she would make amazing designs.

Here are a few:

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