Sunday, December 4, 2011

SAT Day....without the SAT

Dear Readers,

Yesterday I attempted to take my SAT. But I failed sourly. Despite my efforts to study, the day prior, I had this ominous feeling that I was not meant to take the test. Instead I constantly switched back and forth between my SAT book and "Twilight", a last-resort-book series of mine, many thanks to my host sister who has the entire collection ;). 
Now I find this is ironic, because my goal this year was to become a Harry Potter nerd. Instead I've been lead towards cranky wolves and a pitifully obsessed teenage girl, who happens to smell reeeeeally good.
I'm sure Harry Potter will always be there waiting for me anyways.

So as I fought over my will to study, I was also having a dilemma of printing out my admissions ticket. But it wasn't just my ticket to print out, but also Jaira's (the other YES student)! It took a good 4 hours, but finally the printer caved in and gave me our tickets. The delay, yet another portentous sign. 

The next morning I woke up extra early. I dressed comfy, wearing some leggings and an oversized sweatshirt, throwing on some sandals to walk in. A totally innocent outfit for the SAT wouldn't you say?

Well, after the driver picked me up, Jaira welcoming me with a good morning, and embarking on the day ahead I would soon learn that I was unexpectedly very unprepared for my day.

The driver took me to where I told him - the Modern School. It sits right across the street from the school that Noah, Jaira, and Bailey attend, so the area was familiar enough. 

I walked in, considerably early. After waiting a good 15 minutes, with no sign of other students, I immediately got a suspicious feeling, that I was at the wrong place. Then, walking through the giant college doors, came a girl who seemed to know me very well. "Quin!!!" She embraced me like we had met before. And I must admit she was familiar.

"We met at a wedding!" she told me. 

With the relief of some familiarity, I embraced her like a sister, and just went with the flow. 

I told her all about the SAT, and that I though I was taking it here. She looked confused, and my fears were confirmed. I was in the wrong place. With no battery in my phone. And with no numbers of my contacts.
I couldn't call my coordinator, and I couldn't call my host family.

 But my stressful situation didn't stop her from wanting to show me a good time at the College! 
"Here, I'll show you around!"

We walked up the stairs, into the vacant and dark hallways. Each time we turned the corner we would "open" the lights. "We're like the sun aren't we??" I mused.

That girl took me all throughout the giant, vacant, building. We snuck into rooms to poke through whatever we could find, and it was quite entertaining. But then a very important detail started to nag my conscience. How am I getting HOME!? The driver wasn't supposed to pick us up until 1, (I was guessing this) IF he was coming at all.

It was fun talking to this girl, who turned out to be the cousin of one of my close friends (everyone here is cousins with everyone else), but she was going to have to go back to class soon......

So what was I going to do!??

Unfortunately I can't finish the story right now. But I will tomorrow! Right now I have to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Thanks for reading! But, check back tomorrow for the rest of my adventure!!

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