Saturday, December 10, 2011

While I'm recommending other blogs......

Dear Readers,

In my previous post I mentioned my best friend in Korea's blog. I also want to recommend my friend in Ghana's blog:

My friend Avery Segal is on the same YES Abroad program, except he is with AFS in Ghana. 

Although all his posts are quite intriguing, I'd day his most recent post, on Homosexuality in Ghana is the most eye-opening, and down right conspicuous. The fact that he knows his Ghanain classmates and possibly his Ghanain relatives are reading what he writes, yet still has the courage to right what is the truth, is very brave. 

Here's an excerpt from the entry:

"Earlier this month I told my Ghanaian classmates that I have a few gay friends, and that I don’t let their sexual orientation affect my friendship. They were speechless for a few seconds- until one girl meekly asked me, “Have you tried informing them that they’re abominations to God?”" - Avery Segal

If you don't find this captivating I don't know what would be!


  1. Thank you for the shout-out and compliments Quin!


    P.S: What you call brave, I call stupid :)

  2. Haha, you're very welcome. And hey, stupidity requires bravery anyways ;) I'm considering posting a video I took on a presentation throughly explaining the Education System in Oman. It pretty much disses the Ministry of Education. I could get my ass kicked, and posting it would be stupid. If I'm going to post it I need some bravery!