Monday, January 2, 2012

Bathroom Switch

Dear Readers,

At my school here in Oman, we have 3 floors. The first floor of the school is for the younger kids in Kindergarden and 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. The second and third floor were for all the other kids, randomly (in my eyes) scattered into different classrooms. Now, the school originally handled things like this:

They split a line down the middle, making the right side the BOY side, and the left side the GIRL side. So, the right bathrooms were for the boys, and the girl's bathrooms were on the left.

Today when Emma and I were on the 3rd floor in the library, Emma decided to get up and go to the bathroom. She left the room, and made her way to the girls' bathroom on the left side of the building. But to her dismay, she ended up in the BOYS bathroom!  ??

About a day ago someone in charge decided to split the school horizontally instead of vertically. They wanted to completely separate the girls and boys from being able to see each other from across the balcony. (instead of hallways our school has a balcony system, so the teachers can see everything.)


Don't fret, readers. I did some research, and got the juicy gossip from some classmates ;)

What happened was, a girl decided she liked a boy in another class. she had a friend give a note to him. Then, from what I heard, the boy showed the note to one of our superiors, and the whole class got in trouble. SO......they sliced the school like a tomato!!

Mmmmmm hmmmmmm.

Now when Emms and I are in Arabic class on the 3rd floor, we have to walk ALL the way downstairs. Uhhhhggg. Hahahhh, just kidding, we're not that lazy.

I will say though, now that I am pondering this whole bathroom switch............I bet those girls are going to regret writing those love notes and profanities on the stall doors. I will admit I don't know what half of them say. But, I'm sure the boys will. :}

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  1. that's pretty epic :P it's not everyday you hear schools splitting in half from girls sending love notes to guys :D