Sunday, January 15, 2012

Muscat Night :) Saying Good Bye

Dear Readers,

Tonight I said goodbye to my best friends, and it was sad. :(

BUT, before we said our goodbyes, we were hanging out down at shatti!

First we met up at Darcy's, the british pancake shop, and then took a stroll along the beach. Adventurously we got lost in a Wadi (don't worry, a small dry one!). We we being covered in sand, and is was pretty icky, and scary, but we made it out eventually.

We walked for a while, then wondered over to some mall, and sat around for a while, talking.

During our walk we saw a scary little kitten. Awwwwwe its so cute!

After the mall, I decided to take a video. I thought it was interesting enough, so I posted it! 

Here it is:

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