Monday, January 16, 2012

My Last Full Day In Oman

Dear Readers,

Tomorrow I leave Oman. Its coming rapidly, but I'm filling my time with as many things possible. Today I went to the Souq with my host family.

It was nice having my host sister there especially, because otherwise the salesman would've eaten me alive!
That is, I'm an obvious foreigner, and they would've charged me twice as much for everything.

What's the key to my host sister being an awesome bargainer? Well besides the fact that she is obviously Omani, she can speak like 3 languages. Particularly the language the salesmen speak, which from what I can gather either Hindi, Lawati Arabic, or a secret alien language no one told me about. :)

I will ask her tomorrow.

It was hard to shop. I am extremely indecisive and I have very particular taste. Although it was a close call thinking about buying my uncle, Father George, a wooden box with Jesus and Mary posing with the Koran in their hands. The store guy wouldn't lower the price enough, so I just gave up. : /

But oh well :)

Here are some of the items I bought:

Here are some pictures from inside the Souq:

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  1. now i'm totally tempted to go to some foreign store to shop for all the amazing things that u bought XD i swear, we should travel together and go on a serious shoppin' spree!!! :D