Saturday, January 14, 2012

Plane Tickets

Dear Readers,

I've received my plane tickets, and I will be leaving for the U.S. Tuesday, at 10:45 pm. Late isn't it!?

But that's not the kicker. I'm doing a direct flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Philadelphia! That is a 10 hour flight! Ahhhhhhhhhh. I know its harder flying from China, but still. 10 hours of sitting.

Goodness. Gracious.

I'm trying to download some new songs to pass the time. Any suggestions?
So far I've downloaded all of Adele, Ray LaMontagne, Arcade Fire, and some other random stuff.

My good friends here got me some great books, by my favorite Author, Malcolm Gladwell, plus Super Freakonomics.

Well my readers, I have 3 days left in Oman. What am I doing to enjoy my time?

The other night I went to Shatti Beach, which is where everyone and their brother goes to hang out. They have maybe 6 different cafes, and a bunch of restaurants, plus a nice mall. Because the whole city goes there on Thursday nights, we met up with loads of people I had never met. But they all seemed to know us, so we just smiled and shook they're hands.

That's the norm. here, shaking hands. Yes, I mean for teenagers. Whether you're a guy or girl, it doesn't matter; you casually shake the person's hand. Its so different from in the states where we either get all excited and hug each other, or oppositely nod and say "hey".

Although I must clarify the hand shaking is different from what we're used to.

Instead of firmly grasping the other's hand and actually shaking it, they just kind of lightly touch and pull back like they just burnt themselves.

Hah, yea okay that's funny. I don't mean to make fun of any Omanis, its just the way I see it.

Shatti is really fun. Its completely crowded with people and they're $100,000 cars, as well as white foreigners, which makes the place all the more interesting. I hope to go again in the next few days before I leave, so I can spend some quality time with the Omanis and Americans.          

 (I didn't take this picture, but we do see cars like this, so its a good representation ;)

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